Spider-Man: Homecoming (3D+2D Blu-ray SteelBook) (KimchiDVD Exclusive #58) [Korea]

Feb 21, 2017
Release date: October 25, 2017
Purchase links: Full Slip - Lenti - One Click - SteelBook + Magnet
Price: $40.99 (Full Slip or Lenti or SteelBook + Magnet) - $81 (One Click) (Pre-order October 12 at 2 PM Korea time)
Group buy: Hosted by Cooey One Click - Full Slip - Lenticular
Note: Total print run 2000. Full Slip 900 numbered copies - Lenti 1100 numbered copies - One Click will get same no. (1 ~ 250)

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loving those slips but really like to see the finish first...
*small detail, i think they should have moved that "A"vengers logo on top of stark building far away from Spider-Man title now it's too close and not look nice...
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Slips look nice but I don’t like the steel so pass (had it been the steel with the magnet I might of been in)
I assume these will be the thin slips as well as the lenti appears to be an O ring rather than a slip box
Cheers @harry

Slips do look very nice, all very colourful. Really like the lenti package but it's a pass from me.
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