Splatterhouse Megathread

Apr 17, 2009
San Diego, CA
Splatterhouse is a beat 'em up video game currently in development by Namco Bandai Games. It is said to be released Q3 (third quarter) of 2010, on the PlayStation 3. It is a remake of the original Splatterhouse which was released in 1988. Like the rest of the series, the game combines beat 'em up mechanics with survival horror.


As with the original Splatterhouse titles, gameplay is combat oriented with Rick fighting various monsters in either hand-to-hand combat or with makeshift weapons, such as wooden planks and meat cleavers. The combat system is advanced and extremely brutal, (while wearing the Terror mask) Rick will be able to attack his enemies with super strength and literally rip them apart. He will also be able to chain attacks together into powerful combos. Based on screenshots, apparently Rick can be dismembered, but is able to grow his lost limbs back over time. Arms that have been dismembered can be used as clubs to fight enemies, adding to the brutal nature of Rick's fighting style.

Throughout the game, Rick can collect essence/blood from defeated enemies. Collecting a certain amount will allow the player to unlock new moves and also perform special attacks. Like the original game, it will take place in the West Mansion, which has been overhauled to look more 'beautiful' in contrast to the original's rundown appearance. Players will find journals documenting Dr. West's history while photos of Rick's girlfriend serve as a breadcrumb trail to follow. He can perform unique "Splatter Kills" on stunned enemies. These are extremely gory finishing moves. There is also a light platforming element with jump nodes to keep instant death falls to a minimum.

The game will also come with the 3 original Splatterhouse games as unlockables.


The story is a retelling of the original's, but with some new twists. Dr. West, a character mentioned in the original game, is now the teacher of Rick and Jennifer. West becomes the antagonist and sends monsters (Known as the "Corrupted") to kidnap Jennifer and fatally wound Rick, who finds the Mask and wears it. The plot also now involves portals that spawn the creatures appearing across the world (these elements being pulled from the second and third game). Rick will travel to various places such as corrupt carnival and a graveyard, with the West Mansion acting as a hubworld.
Rick's character has been re-imagined since his appearance in the original game, contrary to his Jason Voorhees-inspired design in the original title he is now a hulking version of himself, which is very similar to his super form from the 3rd game.

The terror mask has also changed in design as it no longer resembles a hockey mask, but retains its skull-like design from Splatterhouse 3. It has also been mentioned that the mask will actively speak to Rick, an element that occurred in the 2nd and 3rd game.



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Apr 17, 2009
San Diego, CA
Splatterhouse Delayed

There have been some difficulties in the development process, including a “performance issue” with Bottlerocket and the reassignment of the project.

Joystiq pinged Namco for an update and was told, “Namco Bandai Games America Inc. is hard at work on Splatterhouse. Development is in full swing and we are committed to bringing it to the PS3 in 2010. This will give us time to polish and incorporate all the content to deliver a top notch game worthy of this classic video game franchise.”

That's later than the original plan, but at least Splatterhouse is still in the works.
Apr 17, 2009
San Diego, CA
Splatterhouse Soundtrack Detailed!

Namco Bandai has also released details of the game's soundtrack, which will feature licensed music from a variety of merry thrash metal minstrels, such as 'Goatwhore', 'Mastodon' and 'Lamb of God'. 'Goatwhore', eh? Erm...nice.

Here's the full track list that will feature in Splatterhouse:

  1. The Accused – “Pounding Nails”
  2. ASG – “Dream Song”
  3. Cavalera Conspiracy – “Must Kill”
  4. 5 Finger Death Punch – “Dying Breed”
  5. Goatwhore – “Apocalyptic Havok”
  6. The Haunted – “Hollow Ground”
  7. High On Fire - “Fire, Flood & Plague”
  8. Invisible Enemies – “Dead Eyes”
  9. Lamb of God – “Walk With Me in Hell”
  10. Mastodon – “Blood and Thunder”
  11. Municipal Waste – “Rigorous Vengeance”
  12. Mutant Supremacy – “Morbid Dismemberment”
  13. Terrorizer – “Dead Shall Rise”
  14. WolfShirt – “Headlong Into Monsters”