Square Enix on Star Ocean PS3 GameFly Listing


beer snob
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Feb 16, 2009
Milwaukee, WI
On Monday night, a listing for Star Ocean: The Last Hope was posted onto GameFly, and picked up by the internet only a few moments after. Curious to find out what's going on, we contacted Square Enix and have received a response today.

"We cannot comment on a PS3 release at this time." Square Enix PR Klee Kuo told us. "The posting on Gamefly.com was an error and had been taken down from their site."

The "we cannot comment" part can always bring "hope" (it's called The Last Hope, don't expect us to stop using that word) for Star Ocean: The Last Hope on PlayStation 3.

source: scrawlfx.com/2009/07/square-enix-on-star-ocean-ps3-gamefly-listing