Star Trek Beyond (Blu-ray SteelBook) (OAB #26 - Blufans) [China]

Aug 25, 2011
Hong Kong
Release date: Mid September 2017
Group buy: Hosted by cooey, One Click - Double Lenti
Double Lenticular Slip Edition (Jayla steelbook) includes: 2 discs (3D+2D), a photo booklet, limited to 500 copies.
Full Slip Edition (Exclusive movie artwork for the Chinese market) includes: 2 discs (2D+Bonus Disc), a set of 7 art cards, limited to 300 copies.
One click box set will have the 2 Editions in a special designed box, with a bonus of 3 movie posters.

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Star Trek Beyond (3D+BD) Only At BLUFANS (OAB) WWA Steelbook (China)

Release in mid Sept.

Double Lenticular Slip Edition:
(Jayla steelbook)

-2 discs (3D+2D)
- a photo booklet
- limited 500 copies

Full Slip Edition:
(Exclusive movie artwork for Chinese market)

-2 discs (2D+Bonus Disc)
- a set of 7 art cards
- limited 300 copies

1 click boxset will have 2 Editions above in a special designed box, with bonus of 3 movie posters.

From Kevin:

"Due to limited resources, some of OABs have been put on hold since then . However, In May, we will see a new wave of OABs coming; such titles are Star Trek 3, TMNT 2, X-Men, Jason Bourne and Jack Reacher 2, all with limited print run around 300 each."

Where's Jason Bourne? :(
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Quite pleased I didn't go for the FAC release now

Amen brother! This looks stunning, and I'm really thinking about that boxset. I never got the Into Darkness one unfortunately. Missed it on eBay not long back where it sold for CRAZY money