Star Trek: DAC - Megathread - PSN Title - First Details!

Jan 29, 2009
We can tell you what Paramount and Bad Robot's new downloadable Star Trek game for Xbox Live and PlayStation Network is—it's a top-down, space combat arcade title—but we can't tell you what that "DAC" means.

Star Trek: DAC is "focused on fun, not a retelling of the story" of JJ Abram's upcoming Star Trek reboot, according to Ben Hoyt, senior producer at Paramount Games. Hoyt namechecked games like Subspace and Geometry Wars when describing the game, due to be released in May alongside the film, but also adding that the game has "strategic depth."

And David Baranoff, associate producer on Abrams' Star Trek and Bad Robot GDC representation, says that the game offers "no barriers to entry" nor is it "steeped in Star Trek canon," opting for arcade-style multiplayer action. But he wouldn't explain the DAC acronym, saying only that Trekkers will find out during the course of the game. That's the Abrams style, I suppose...

Developed by Roboblitz creators Naked Sky Entertainment, Star Trek: DAC will support 12-person multiplayer, with two teams of six. AI bots will fill in the blanks, should your federation of online friends be unavailable.

Three modes, including solo play, cooperative play and a versus mode

To hear Paramount and Bad Robot folks tell it, Naked Sky was on a very short list of developers the film's producers were interested in bringing on board to work on Star Trek: DAC. The Los Angeles-based dev team has had full access to the film's art assets, sound effects and even Michael Giacchino's musical score, with Bad Robot folks checking in throughout the development cycle.

The game design, however, was born of the Naked Sky team, who presented Paramount and Bad Robot with a handful of options, ultimately settling on the tried and true space combat. Like the film, Star Trek: DAC will be packed with shorter session Romulans versus Federation battles, giving players command of the U.S.S. Enterprise.

Star Trek: DAC is due to hit Xbox Live Arcade in May, on or near the release of the movie. The PlayStation Network version is due later, "for a couple of reasons," according to Hoyt, but not necessarily for adhering to platform exclusivity. Both the XBLA and PSN versions will get demos, so you can see if the full version is something worth... beaming down.
Apr 17, 2009
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