Multi Star Wars: Battlefront (Amazon Exclusive) [USA]


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Oct 26, 2011
Chicago, USA
Price: $59.99 & FREE Shipping.
This item will be released on November 27, 2015

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I wish I had a PS4 just for this game. I haven't had time to even play my PS3 games but this steelbook is nice. @spawnshop did you get this version? I know you've been playing
Dammit! I bought the regular edition of this for the game the same as the regular version? How does it come packaged?
The game comes sealed, steelbook is separate, so if your like me and already have the game, can sell the sealed one, heck of alot cheaper way than getting just the steelbook on Ebay, which is pricey, or buying from overseas, which is hard to sell here in the states, cause I believe the game is region free, but the download content is not, at least that's the way it was in the past....
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