Star Wars Celebration (ReedPop) July 15-17, 2016 - London


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Star Wars Celebration
July 15-17 2016
London’s ExCeL Center


Star Wars Celebration just ended today and they announce the 2016 show in none other than London

Tickets on Sale tomorrow and if you want VIPs you better have your A+++ game, this will be harder than a Stout Mondo ;)

Buy Tickets (please already be on the buy website at time of sale)

VIP Badge Buy Page


May the force be with you ! #SWCA
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Apr 1, 2013
Not sure if anyone else from the forum has made it to SWCE but just in case you were interested, here's a picture of the Rogue One poster that was given out to attendees at yesterday's panel

It's printed on a nice thick card stock - really pleased with it :)

It's been a good event so far (I'm only attending Friday and Sunday) and I've really enjoyed it, even though it doesn't quite have the same grand feel/scale of the US events

Looking forward to tomorrow!


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@Lordpercy that is a really nice poster.

I only have one problem with it. Given how close the Death Star is in relation to the planet everyone in that poster would be dead (or should not be living by any bodies of water at the least) because of the 20 foot waves due to the gravitational pull of the Death Star. Think of what the Moon does to our planet