Star Wars: The Force Unleashed SE (PS3/XBox360/PC SteelBook) [North America]

Pretty cool, and cheap. $36.99

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Oct 15, 2009
Toledo, Spain
Haven´t seen it arounde here. It is available through though, for only 36.99$. As usual, you guys get the good stuff. je je.

Copied from the features index at amazon "Includes the original Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Video Game, 3 new levels including a one that is exclusive to the Ultimate Sith Edition, an Art Book, and Lithograph all packaged in a beautiful tin collector's box. "
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Wow, didn't realize the price went that high. I picked it up off of Amazon for $40 right before the second one came out. I wan't collecting Steelbooks at the time....totally forgot I had this until i started reading the Video Game Steelbook threads. One of my favorite games too....played through it twice already. Great story that fits into the SW universe perfectly. I should play through it again....

Here's some pics of the XBox360 version




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