Step by Step on How to Leave Trade/Sale Feedback

Naughtius Maximus

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Oct 30, 2011
Completed a trade or sale? Now all you need is to leave feedback but not quite sure how to? Read on....

The quickest way to do this is:
  1. Go to the Active & Pending Sales/Trade thread you created or Group Buy you took part in
  2. Find the person you’re looking to leave feedback then click on the ‘Trader Score’ link number – see HERE
  3. Click on the ‘Submit feedback’ Link – See HERE
  4. Now just fill in the relevant boxes and click Submit! –An example is shown HERE as a trade
  5. Done! (The person you left feedback will receive an instant PM telling them they have an “iTrader Rating Notification” which will hopefully nudge them to leave you feedback!)

Or you can leave feedback via peoples profiles

  1. Go to the person in question - see HERE
  2. Click on Trade score
  3. Click on View Feedback
  4. Fill in details and Submit Feedback

Or If you've received an iTrader Rating Notification via PM and haven’t left feedback yet:
  1. Click on ‘On your ITrader page’ link
  2. Click on the Submit Icon
    (this is basically a direct feedback to the you’ve received)
  3. Same as above – fill in boxes and click submit! (See HERE

Easy peasey. :thumbs:

Keep the following in mind when leaving feedback which is taken from the Trading Forum Rules thread:

“14. Feedback in our itrader system (negative or otherwise) may not be left for trades where no agreement can be reached. Or if a party "backs out". Feedback may ONLY be left if the transaction is complete, or a trader cannot resolve an issue with the other party - in order to be counted as transaction - something has to have occurred. Funds changing hands, one person sending an item, a damage item being received with no resolution, etc.

Feedback in our itrader system is ONLY for transactions that have occurred on this forum. We don't keep track of or police transactions on e-bay, other forums, newspaper classifieds or other online listing services.”

Any questions about this please PM mllNY or myself.

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