Subbed vs Dubbed

Simply put, What way would you rather watch a movie, Subbed or Dubbed?

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Subbed, always! First time I saw Battle Royale was with dubbing and I ended up hating the film... wasn't until some years later when I watched it with subs instead that I realised the reason I hated it was because the dubbing is just soooo bad. Similar case for The Raid... love the film, but then I rewatched it with a mate who insisted on watching it dubbed and it was horrendous lol. Only non-English films I don't mind watching dubbed is Studio Ghibli, since they really put in the effort to perfect it.
Mar 25, 2014
Essex, UK
I love my Chan & Sammo movies, but I'm that guy who watches them with a classic English dub whenever possible.
I lean towards subs for drama or movies with a more serious tone but for my Kung Fu classics the dubbing is all part of the charm.
Luckily we've entered a new golden age of martial arts releases here in the UK which cater for both sub and dub fans.
I guess it depends how I first watch a film, for example I've seen Oldboy many times over the years but when Arrow released the blu-ray I thought I would try out the dubbed version as that was not available in the UK on DVD, I had to chnage back to the subs very quickly as the dub wasn't how I was used to watching the movie.
Aug 25, 2013
Subbed for anything live action. Subbed for animated shows I watched growing up.

Dubbed for most of the newer funimation shows I've been watching the last few years :thumbs:
Jul 3, 2012
It depends on the film . Most of the time subtitles . But if it's a classic Godzilla or Gamera flick I'll strongly consider the English dub .

I am more inclined to listen to the dub if the "official" foreign language track is also a dub .

Joe Dante owns a dubbed release print of 8 1/2 , he says it's superior to the current subtitled versions as the dubbers translated all the background dialogue as well , giving a more immersive experience .