Nintendo Switch Super Smash Bros Ultimate Limited Edition [Europe]

Feb 28, 2017
The 'Super Smash Bros Ultimate' limited edition has now been revealed to include a steelbook. This edition also includes a GameCube style controller and adapter, plus the games itself of course. So far this has only been announced for Europe.

A game and steelbook only option is also available on the Nintendo UK store.

Hopefully this will become available internationally too.



Premium Supporter
Apr 25, 2013
Jesus Christ

Canada got that sweet Smash Bros U steelbook

Germany got that beautiful Mario Kart 8 one

US got that decent Mario Kart 8 Deluxe steel

The U.K.? That’s so f****** boring, a logo? Come on. The standard box art should be a steelbook.

Steelbook art should always be better then the standard art. Sigh. Come on Nintendo you’re better then this.