Superman (Blu-ray SteelBook) [France]


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Feb 12, 2012
Release date: March 23rd, 2016
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Price: EUR 14.99

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I think every home video format ever has called it Superman The Movie on the packaging despite the on-screen title simply being called Superman.

The same thing goes for the Adam West Batman movie. Every VHS, DVD and Blu-ray release I own calls it Batman The Movie on the box. I can cope with that, even though I don't agree with it in either case. The only title changes I truly hate are (Indiana Jones and the) Raiders of the Lost Ark and (House III) The Horror Show (which meant the actual sequel featuring the return of William Katt had to be called House IV).

Oh, I also hate anything that changes Roman numerals to digits or adds numbers. It's The Lion King II, not The Lion King 2. It's Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, not Sin City 2 A Dame to Kill For, and it's Mission: Impossible II, not M:I-2. The Fast & Furious franchise steelbooks are terrible for this in the UK.
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It's Warner, wonder if we'll see this cover (minus French) elsewhere? I hope so-just watched this during my birthday weekend, and always have and always will love the original Supes!