Tales of Vesperia - Megathread - First Details/Screenshots

Jan 29, 2009

At a press conference today, Namco Bandai revealed details on the PlayStation 3 version of Tales of Vesperia. It will contain a variety of updates, with the main addition being a new character. Patty Fleur is a 14-year old adventurer designed by Tales of Vesperia character designer Fujishima Kousuke and voiced by Chiwa Saito.

The PlayStation 3 version will also feature voice-overs all throughout the game. In the Xbox 360 version, there were scenarios in the game where the player must read the text rather than hear it voiced-over. The PlayStation 3 is fully voiced.

Other PlayStation 3 version features include enhancements to the story, tie-ins with the upcoming anime movie, extra costumes, new events and sub-scenarios with extra skits will also be added. Namco Bandai said there are other elements in the game that separate the PlayStation 3 version from the Xbox 360 version, but they were left unsaid. The PlayStation 3 trailer for Vesperia will be released on the Japanese PlayStation Store sometime this month.