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hey folks! so we don't clutter up the request threads with questions about shipping and the rest, let's use this dedicated thread to chat about any questions that might pop up during the GB process.

Frequently Asked GB Questions:


Q: When will I receive my invoice?
A: Invoices will be sent when your items are ready to be shipped. I like to make sure that all items arrive safely and are inspected before packaging. @digitalbabe will also be assisting with some of you as well, and is starting from the bottom of the list (with member names starting with Z, etc).

Updates about the arrival of the items, any trouble with Target and general & random updates will also happen on this thread.

Please remember to subscribe to this thread for e-mail notifications if you'll be checking up on my status or the progress of shipping!

Q: When is payment due?
A: Immediately when the invoice is sent. If you are unable to pay in a timely fashion, please post here on this thread.

Q: If I get the invoice from you but something doesn't look right, what should I do?
A: Please post here with your question and I'll try and assist ASAP. Please note that paypal will send you a very SIMPLE e-mail with any amount. Click on the link, and you can view the invoice in DETAIL with all the costs spelled out.

Q: Other members that were further down the requesting list got an invoice before I did!?
A: Please note, that in order to ship out more items quickly, it's easier to do a batch of orders that are all the same. Having said that, I might simply do those folks that ordered 1x of each, because they are easily to assemble, pack and ship all at once. I will do my best to get to everyone ASAP, but will be shipping over 200 individual shipments!

Q: What if my order is not correct?
A: If you think an item is missing, please post here and we'll revise your invoice ASAP. Do not pay the invoice if you think it is not correct.

General note: A detailed invoice is sent so you are aware of the costs charged as part of the group buy. You will see costs for the items requested, any gb fees, and the costs of shipping box, bubble wrap, insurance, and postage. These costs are done as their exact amount, to pass along any savings to the GB members.


Q: Should I follow up with you to get a tracking number?
A: The cheapest method from the US Postal Service does not allow for full tracking. However, sometimes packages can be tracked to their destination depending on the country. Customs numbers from the US Postal Service are sent to your paypal e-mail via the USPS and also updated on your paypal payment. Please check these locations for more information as I won't follow up with each of you individually.

Any package can be checked at

Q: How long will it take for my package to arrive internationally?
A: I live on the east coast of the USA. I have had packages arrive in the UK as quickly as 4 days. The US Postal Service quotes anywhere from 10 - 15 business days for your items to arrive internationally. If you see a "scan" from NYC (JFK) then it means your item has been loaded on a plane and should be with you soon!

Q: What if 15 business days have passed and my package has still not arrived?
A: Please post with your concerns here, it's easier to look into something that might have just passed it's deadline, rather than try and follow up months after. Please note that you the buyer need to do legwork on this end - you can also sign up for tracking updates from the USPS website - you will receive e-mail notifications of the package status when it changes.

Q: Are you customs friendly?
A: All items are marked a lower value as a general rule, and I'm aware of country limits on import amounts. I cannot be held responsible if your package is still held by customs despite my best efforts.

Q: If I check the status of my package and I see something I don't understand, should I ask for help?
A: Certainly, please post on this thread and if I am unable to help quickly, I"m certain another member or moderator might have insight about a strange scan.


Q: What if my items are missing or arrived damaged?
A: Your items are insured fully against loss or damage. We may have to wait up to 45 days before they can be declared missing. If your items arrived damaged, please retain the packaging and take pictures of the damage for submission to insurance.

With any insurance claim, you will be required to fill out a very simple form to receive your funds back.

Q: How do you package my items for shipping?
A: Steelbooks are wrapped in bubble wrap and then placed in a sturdy cardboard box. I also add fragile stickers.


Q: Will I get a quicker answer if I send you a PM?
A: Given the volume of items and packages that will be sent internationally, I will have little time for correspondence. If you have a general question, please post here and a member that has participated in my group buys before will probably be able to help.
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Mar 28, 2013
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@apsmith21 sorry if this is a stupid question but what is the status with this GB at the minute, I'm getting paranoid that I have missed an invoice for it. I'm in the UK so with that in mind is there anything I need to do at the moment? Many thanks :)


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my face when i see a new post on Mondo x Steelbook thread but it is not a new steelbook announcement


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@apsmith21 sorry if this is a stupid question but what is the status with this GB at the minute, I'm getting paranoid that I have missed an invoice for it. I'm in the UK so with that in mind is there anything I need to do at the moment? Many thanks :)
As stated in the OP invoices will be sent out once apsmith has the items in hand. You haven't missed the invoice.:)
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Hi everyone! Just a quick update to let you know that orders have begun shipping from Target this morning. Estimated delivery should be next week. I'll keep you all updated as I know more...

Also, any new orders / requests will be on a reserve list until we get a large number of these all paid for and sorted out.


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Hi everyone, just a general update.

1) First, thanks so much to everyone that has responded to my messages asking where to send the invoice. If you didn't receive a message, I have your information from previous group buys or transactions with HDN that you have participated in. :)

2) I've just completed updating the master list that contains all of the billing info and your orders. I'll be first working through those that ordered 1 of each, so that the pile can be reduced a bit quicker by sending out all the similar orders.

3) Either late today or tomorrow, a number of you will be seeing an invoice for these orders. @digitalbabe will be invoicing for these types of orders as well - and your message will come from either our services or gbservices account - so keep watch on those for more info.

4) I'll put together some way to view our progress as things are being invoiced and shipped - perhaps a slimmed down view of our master list without any confidential info.

Items will begin arriving on Wednesday or Thursday and I'll do my best to be expedient with progress updates and other info.

Remember to please post here, I'll be creating an auto-reply in my PM inbox at the end of day tomorrow and will be unable to respond directly to you unless it's on this thread.

Thanks everyone, and here's to a very successful Mondo group buy!

@Sigill @Wreck @Naughtius Maximus


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Oct 6, 2014
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I sent you a private message regarding postponing shipment until August 10th, but I didn't see your message here stating you won't be able to receive messages in your inbox. :sorry:

Can you please take my notice about shipping and send my package after August 10th? :notworthy: :)

sorry for any inconvenience caused