Tetris Tetrimino Triforce Toys Light Up (BIG) - Give-Away!


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Hey all,

During Ninja week our awesome Ninja @Futurhythm won this set. And due the scale of the items the shipping costs to the land of Down Under was just far too much to make the win worth it for him. We're taking care of him in another way, but he's told us to give away these awesome Tetris statues that light up to some of you lucky folks.

Here's a pic for reference.


The kicker is you have to pay some of the shipping. That said, this is open in the USA ONLY. $20 shipping per block and HDN will cover the rest of the shipping cost. USA ONLY.

First up is a SET of 3 BLOCKS ....... Then a solo block winner! (2 winners for now)

Reply below for your chance to win.


Winners to be decided soon!
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May 16, 2013
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I was really happy and grateful to have won, but it's just waaaaay too much work and money to get them to me.

This is an awesome thing to have--just look at it! Even if you're not a Tetris fan, they'll be cool to have around, so all US ninjas should get in on this.