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Starting a new thread for textless movie posters since the old one (here) has been inactive for a while and the guy who originally posted them is apparently long gone.

Anyway, just a few rules...
1 - Make sure to post the title of anything you're sharing or requesting, as this makes it easier to find when searching. Typing the dimensions of each image would also be super helpful!
2 - Please use an image hosting service such as Imagebam, Imgur, ImgBB, Flickr, Mediafire etc. (Flickr and Mediafire are the best for larger files) rather than uploading directly to HDN.
3 - Be sure to post the thumbnail to the full image to reduce scrolling - post a link to the image if you're unable to add a thumbnail.
4 - Feel free to post any requests and we'll do our best to help! :) Remember including the title of the movie in the requests.
But don't flood: don't ask for the same stuff over and over again. If your request is not fulfilled, please assume nobody has what you are looking for.
Maximun number of requests: three posters per week.


Raya and the Last Dragon (2021)
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Feb 2, 2021
Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019)

7388x10688 - 9295x7000 - 9300x13200 - 8032x5000 - 6075x4575 - 3654x5000 - 5717x8000 - 1920x2450 - 3374x5000 - 8100x11400 - 8000x2335 - 3325x5000 - 3535x5000 - 8263x11844 - 15725x7233 - 3477x5000 - 14276x6924 - 1909x2752 - 3214x5000 - 2400x3000 - 3385x5000 - 3544x5000 - 4500x6450 - 3434x5000 - 3434x5000 - 3434x5000 - 3434x5000 - 7388x10688 - 8000x2457 - 7388x10688 - 8000x2335 - 7388x10688 - 8000x2335 - 8000x2335 - 8000x2335

Feb 4, 2021
Request ?
future-world-movie-poster.jpg future-world-movie-poster-2.jpg future-world-movie-poster-1.jpg future-world-danish-movie-cover.jpg
Feb 4, 2021
Hi guys. I'm looking for a Kong Blu-ray cover without text. Thanks.


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You also ruined this thread with your f****g requests.
STOP IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
As mentioned in the OP requesting posters (look below) is accepted and I've looked through the thread and I've not seen any spam (repeated requests for the same poster). He's been asking for different titles here and there which is acceptable.
4 - Feel free to post any requests and we'll do our best to help! :) Remember including the title of the movie in the requests.

@polip30 Please don't keep deleting all your posts, if your going to make a post that's fine and if you make a mistake you can fix by editing it, you have 30 minutes to do so but these repeated deleted posts clutters up the thread. Think about what you want to post before you make it and you'll have less mistakes. Also keep aware that you have only three requests per week so keep that in mind as well.
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