Mondo The American Dreamer by Jay Shaw


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The American Dreamer by Jay Shaw. 18"x24" screen print. Hand numbered. Edition of 120. Printed by Dan Black. $40


"When we were asked to create a poster for The American Dreamer I was instantly overwhelmed. I’ve seen the film several times and absolutely love it. It’s a candid and endearing portrait of Dennis Hopper’s maniacal creative process. Lawrence Schiller, the film’s [co-] director and acclaimed photojournalist, sent a collection of photographs he’d taken during production back in 1971. When I saw these wonderful photos I realized there was nothing we’d be able to illustrate that would capture the essence of this film in the same way. One photo in particular stood out: Dennis sitting in the middle of a group of devotees smiling toward the viewer. There’s an optimism and naiveté in that image I just love. It’s a moment you imagine Dennis would want to bask in if he could."