The Avengers (Blu-ray Viva Metal Box) [Thailand]

Release date: August 30th, 2012
Purchase link:BoomerangShop

Similar to the USA version. The 'A' on the Avengers is a lighter (denim) blue compared to the USA.

Please note that these pics were taken in a hurry for a purpose other than this website. Therefore, unfortunately, and apologetically, I didn't hold the strictest of standards for these pictures.

Pictures by CyberAthlete











(tx to mooyai)



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I really wanted to order from Boomerang, but when I realized the standard shipping was around $36 for 1 SB, I could not justify. I didn't think anyone could top, but at least theirs is expedited. Did not even want to see what Boomerang charges for expedited. EEK!
When will this be available for purchase
I prefer this to the HMV edition only because
1) It is wider
2) has the spine I prefer
3) completely clean and blank front (can't beat that)

Me needz this. Thank you.
I placed an order but it is on backorder and they didn't even ask for my credit card info. I guess unless they get extra copies they're not taking any official reservations.
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Still no idea what this is gonna look like actually, but I am sure like some of you, I am gonna try to collect every single release of Avengers, worldwide. So, this is in the fray for me...
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I am gonna be in Bangkok on 3 September for a family can bet on it that I will sneak some time off from the family and head to the stores to take a look-see on this! I certainly hope it won't be OOS by then!
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