Grey Matter Art The Avengers by Matt Ferguson


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Oct 6, 2014
Zagreb, Croatia
Another stellar Marvel release by GMA and Matt Ferguson.

Artist: Matt Ferguson
Size: 24×36
Printed by: Lady Lazarus

Regular Edition: 175/$50.00

Variant Edition: 100/$70.00

Foil Edition: 75/$100.00

6×9 Regular Edition Handbills: $8.00 each/$30.00 for the set

6×9 Variant Edition Handbills: $10.00 each/$35.00 for the set

This poster will be released on Wednesday, March 30th on Grey Matter Art’s website shop page at 1:00 PM EST at
That's pretty awesome, though as always (with me being #TeamCap and all), I'm driven insane by the fact that Iron Man is centred instead of Cap. I guess that happens when you're an old school Avengers fan and you've always known Cap as the leader.

At least Black Widow's doing her "showing off the ASSets" stance. :p
I prefer the brighter colours of the reg to the darker variant.
I'm not sure about the foil though, without seeing in hand pics it seems to be a bit overbearing.
GMA have provided loads of preview pics of the finished print here

But here's a little peak of the foil on iron man:

And Loki:

Overall I don't think it's for me.
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