The Batman (2022) (Discless SteelBook) (Manta Lab Exclusive CP-000) [Hong Kong]

Jan 30, 2013
FFO, Germany
Release date: May 31 June 19, 2023
Purchase links: Box Set - Full Slip - Lenti - Double Lenti
Price: $132.97 (Box Set) - $38.99 (Full Slip) - $39.99 (Lenti - Double Lenti)
Note: no discs
Manta Lab is releasing a new line of steelbook and we are offering the CP steelbook first to those who have purchased the [ME#52] The Batman Exclusive Steelbook. We will send the order & invoice to our customers to match the edition they've purchased. Remaining copies will pre-order on March 31st.
Dear Collectors,

We are thrilled to announce the release of our first CP Steelbook [CP#000] The Batman. We have partnered with CP licenses to produce collectible steelbooks at a much lower price point, without including the movie discs. As an exclusive steelbook company, our goal is to always provide amazing designs and high-quality products for every movie steelbook, and we are excited to expand our collection with this new product line.

Unlike Homevideo Steelbooks, some movies may not have sufficient materials to work with, so not every release will be available in this product lineup. Additionally, we will only work on movies for which we can guarantee the quality of materials.

We understand that this concept may be new to our collectors, but we hope to receive the same support for our new lineup as we do for our existing products.

Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to sharing more amazing steelbooks in this lineup soon.

Best regards,

Manta Lab
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This is next level greediness. They closing up on FA in my eyes now. Why on earth another The Batman?? Why now, so soon after the first release with discs? And price difference is way too low, thanks but no thanks, you will not get support from me Manta, hell no. Market is already oversaturated and they come up with this s*it? Really disappointed with Manta now. I hope this will fails same quick as their "idea" with Logan special box edition back then.
Also a HDZeta version to look forward to soon...

Coincidence? :rofl:
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I think this is the "test-run" for the upcoming Marvels they announced a year ago.
My thoughts exactly

Well it was a Disney thing in general wasn’t it? Not just for strictly the marvel side
I think it was a Blufans idea because of the license issues with Disney, right?
I’m not 100% sure. I know Blufans no longer have the licence to sell them. But manta mentioned that thing last year about a Disney contract or something. I think Marvel was mentioned too which kinda split opinions here etc. I think the majority were happy with if manta picks up where blufans left off but not for manta to go back and tackle releases that have already been done to death. I dunno. Personally I’d rather they leave marvel alone

Their normal slate is already huge and won’t even be fulfilled this year anyway. And by the sounds of things these CP releases could be monthly too. If they over do it and get too greedy they’ll just dig themselves an early grave. Plus watch them use the best art possible for these CP releases. Or at least more unique and likeable artworks
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Wow, so many things on my mind.
Firstly I thought it was just going to be a new 'naked' steel.
Now that it's with all the goodies, me wants one.
DL is the same as their previous steelbook, so no. Usually get a Fullslip, but this one is butt-ugly, so SL by default then.

I also like the art on the back of the box, wish it was on one of the fullslips, but if I find people to sell the other two editions from the One-Click, I'll buy it, and put their previous release in there as well. :D

I thought they'd be about $25 without the discs.
Exactly, $30 at most. I thought the discs themselves were the major expense in these, with studios asking more for them, than $10-15.
Which begs the question if they're kicking up anything for these releases as well...

Another thing that’s amused me.

You get a lenticular character card with each slip and it’s 1 of 4 characters at random

So with 3 editions in a OC you will never get a full set plus it’s at random so you could potentially get the same character 3 times.

Really poor imo. It should be 1 of 3 and each slip gets a set character. It’s literally that simple
Right, same as those trading card sized ones in the previous mainline release, only bigger and lenticular.
They could do 3 for fullslips and the 4th in One-Click.

Since they decided to do a range which is disc less I'd have preferred them to go further and got rid of all the crap that comes with them. Just slips and steelbook. Even if it meant the editions are slightly slimmer.
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Also a HDZeta version to look forward to soon...

Coincidence? :rofl:
Oh yeah? Well I'm not buying that one, fo sho!

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People complaining yet this will still be sold out. I mean nobody complains about DRIVE or LEON or DARK KNIGHT which got tons and tons of releases...
Now ppl moan here :D.
There's just something strange to me about buying 'movies' without the movie!

Then it's not movie collecting anymore it's just package collecting....

If it's a movie that hasn't had a premium release up to now, I might bite and swap my discs in. But other than that, I'll more than likely pass if I already have a premium release of the movie. I'm definitely NOT interested in starting another MCU wave....
I was torn with this one in the first place. DL is easily the best slip, but it's the same as the 1st WEA steel.. That'd be fine if I sold my ME52 DL when I got it... but lets be honest, I won't lol So I've settled on the SL. Bit too much text for my liking, but it's still nice. Steel is great, pretty much what I wanted for ME52.
Just to make sure, will Manta be offering an edition to people who bought direct or will HDN for people who went for GBs?
Direct. They have no control over GB end orders. GB hosts will receive allocations, but it'll ultimately be up to them what they do with them.
Obviously that steelbook is gorgeous and I prefer the design over their first wea.

But I‘m a bit split about the whole idea as well. I agree with others that the price is a bit high for discless editions.

I feel like steelbook only releases would have been cool for this new line. Especially if they release movies that they already released in the main line. With the slips you always get two or three options to get an artwork that you like, while there‘s only one steelbook for the whole set.
So they could release those seperate steelbooks to increase the artwork choice for the steelbooks as well.

On the other hand they could rerelease older releases like La La Land that didn‘t have debossed steels and upgrade the steels with debossing/ embossing and different artwork.

Yeah I don‘t know lol