Bottleneck Gallery The Batman Who Laughs by Kael Ngu

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Despite the heat, we’re feeling happy--ridiculously, uncomfortably happy--and we think it has something to do with our newest Batman prints from Juan Ramos and Kael Ngu.

Juan’s print, based on one of the most bizarre episodes of Batman: The Animated Series, The Laughing Fish, puts Joker and his fishy scheme front and center. We can wax philosophical for hours about how Joker’s plan to copyright ‘Joker fish’ is insanely brilliant, but we’re more than happy to let Juan’s excellent art commemorate the episode and series.

Speaking of laughs, Kael’s print for The Batman Who Laughs is appropriately Medieval and Gothic, and just badass. Kael’s posing and detail work in The Batman Who Laughs’ complicated costume are unreal, and we’re always excited to work with Kael!

Juan and Kael’s prints will be available for purchase Wednesday(6/30) @ 12PM ET on our homepage,

The Batman Who Laughs by Kael Ngu
Giclee print
13 x 19 inches
Hand-numbered edition of 75