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The Birds by We Buy Your Kids. 18"x24" screen print. Hand numbered. Edition of 150. Printed by D&L Screenprinting. $40


We'll also have a couple of new posters for The Birds by We Buy Your Kids and Adam Simpson. It's no mistake We Buy Your Kids are among some of our favorite artists (and humans). Their approach is always outside the box and uniquely their own that we usually just get out of their way. Their solution to The Birds was no different.

"This was quite a massive poster for us to tackle, being an all time classic and as a personal favourite with Biddy's dad having a very respectful fascination for it. Watching it again after many years we remarked on what a weird and terrifying movie it is to repeatedly show a little girl. Then after we submitted our first ideas we were shown Laurent's great posters and we were blown away again.

Our focus was always going to be the birdcage - either literally, or the repetition of that in the ending with the characters trapped inside the house. We played around with the idea of Melanie appearing calm within a menacing looking head cage and the two love birds peering in watching her. But we also like the playful grotesque of a love-bird playing peek-a-boo from an empty eye socket.The mood we've tried to set references the early calm of the film, and required a subdued palette which is unusual for us, so there was fun/trepidation to be had rendering it as well."

Available 1/14 at a random time at Mondo
Dec 21, 2015
Wow, what an amazing art! Thanks for posting @mllNY

I love Hitchcock's movies as he is my favourite director of all time, but unfortunately I don't like The Birds too much. Although it's classic, I never enjoyed watching it. But I would definitely buy some equally amazing art for Rear Window, Psycho or North by Northwest!
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