The Dead Don't Hurt (2024)

Lenny Nero

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Oct 1, 2013
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Title: The Dead Don't Hurt (2024)

Genre: Drama, Western

Director: Viggo Mortensen

Cast: Vicky Krieps, Viggo Mortensen, Solly McLeod, Garret Dillahunt, Danny Huston, Colin Morgan, Ray McKinnon, Luke Reilly, Atlas Green, W. Earl Brown, Shane Graham, Alex Breaux, Michael Weaver, Angela Lentz, Nadia Litz, Marc Dennis, Rafel Plana, John Getz

Release: 2024-05-01

Runtime: 130

Plot: In the 1860s, fiercely independent French-Canadian Vivienne Le Coudy embarks on a journey with Danish immigrant Holger Olsen, attempting to forge a life together in the dusty town of Elk Flats, Nevada. When Holger decides to go fight for the Union in the burgeoning Civil War, Vivienne must fend for herself, which isn't easy in a town controlled by a corrupt mayor.

A slow but emotionally impressive frontier western that made me see Vicky Krieps as a real actress, not some amateur clown she was in Shyamalan's Old.
Didn't have enough of a revenge for my taste, but I guess it fit tonally with the rest of the movie. Was also hoping for a repeat of the opening scene in more detail, since the story started from the middle, and then went back and forth explaining things, so that I could see it with more weight now knowing the characters and what's going on, but it just skips it...
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