The Fall Guy - In theaters May 3, 2024


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Dec 28, 2012
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Title: The Fall Guy (2024)

Genre: Action

Director: David Leitch

Cast: Ryan Gosling, Emily Blunt

Release: 2024-03-01

Plot: A Hollywood stuntman moonlights as a bounty hunter to make ends meet.
A fun movie but with a lacking, telegraphed plot. Blunt and Gosling’s chemistry and charisma carry the movie. It’s a love letter to stunt performers with some entertaining action sequences. If you liked the tone of the trailer I recommend checking this out in theaters, otherwise catch it on streaming.
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Watched this last night.
I'm going to be blunt (little pun intended). For me, I found the film unbelievably average.
It's fun but in super generic way.
As others have mentioned in above posts, the whole film is carried by the chemistry between Blunt and Gosling, they really do hold the film on their shoulders.
For a film about stunts and stunt performers, the stunts are really shockingly dull, like literally the most boring part of the film. It's so bizarre. No set pieces stand out as super innovative in their design, nor even particularly exciting. It's shocking really. Yes, there are lots of falls, jumps, car doughnuts, crashes and punches, but they all lack any real excitement or creativity.
The film lacks vitality & scope is what I'm trying to say.
Which is so weird given it's target.
The script is very ordinary with no real depth and has some ultra shallow characters.

To be honest, when I was watching, I wondered if this was a parody. It kind of lives on that line. Almost as if they went for a Barbie type sense of humour, by that I mean, a very fine line between serious and joking.

That's not say it isn't fun. It is, it's just perhaps one of David Leitchs weaker films.
Wick, Bullet Train, DP2, Hobbs & Shaw. All better imo.

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