The Fighter (Blu-ray SteelBook) [Netherlands]

Anytime I see the blu ray & DVD formats advertised together like that, I think G1. I know this is not a Warner release, but Warners French G1 steels have that dual format usually displayed at the top. Also, looks like a metalpak possibly?
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Hmmm, size looks like a G1 to me, and the spine is a little ambiguous. The FS Steelbooks also say "Combo", so the inclusion of the DVD may not necessarily indicate it's a G1. I am a bit suspicious about the actual spine, though......
The spine does make me think metalpak when I see it. But it's just a mockup, so it's hard to tell for sure.

I'll speak with my source in the Netherlands and see if he can confirm anything for us on these recent releases.
Just a quick note, the distributor of these films in the Netherlands, A Film Distribution BV, did release Kick Ass as a steelbook, so there is a precedent. :naughty:

I've just received The Fighter Steelbook. It is indeed a real Steelbook, G2! Will post pictures tomorrow, but for npw...the blue banner is printed on, as well as a gold banner with the words "Winnaar 2 pscars *categories* [Winner 2 Oscars]. Rating logo is printed on. Backside has text printed on it as well.
The Canada release had the same effect as Memento, "raised paint" effect.
The price of the Canadian release has gone north, would this be the next release with raised paint effect ?