The Good Dinosaur (Blu-ray Slipcover) [USA]


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Price: $22.99
Release Date: 2/23/16
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Apr 29, 2015
I was at BBY picking up Spotlight and Secret in Their Eyes. I wasn't even planning on getting this one for a while, but the BBY exclusive lenti was sooooo nice in-hand that I couldn't leave without it. Definitely the nicest BBY exclusive so far!!! The lenti effect is hypnotizing. I highly recommend getting one, and probably sooner rather than later. Roughly half of the 10-20 exclusives had large scratches or were otherwise not up to HDN standards.
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Mar 28, 2014
@bloodsnake007 you need the 3D edition it is the nicest of them all IMO. Not crazy on Lenti usually but this one is sweet :oohyeah: Bought mine from as I saw a small preview and just knew I needed to get the 3D edition :emb:
Really nice lenti on Slipcover with flip flop effect ! Even though pictures already posted took some of the flip flop.

GD 1.jpg GD 2.jpg
Flip Flip effect
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