The Goonies - 35th Anniversary (4K+2D Blu-ray SteelBook) (Cine-Museum Exclusive #?) [Italy]


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Release date: December 2020 (TBC)
Purchase links: Box Set - Full Slip A - Full Slip B - Lenticular - SteelBook (Slip Editions pre-order on November 27 at 2:30 PM Italy Time)
Price: €159.90 (Box Set) - €59.90 (Full Slip A-B - Lenticular) - €34.90 (Steelbook only)
Note: WEA SteelBook. Title and Willy's eye are embossed. Debossed Effect Back Artwork.

117120681_1982752311855590_6251287298199828441_o.jpg 117288768_1982751995188955_4820674470631518404_o.jpg 117282233_1982804018517086_37941684981154416_o-2.jpg
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Sep 9, 2011
Group buy host at another site is reporting that their box with all copies is lost! Damn...that’s a huge disappointment after waiting all that time.
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Nov 6, 2017
transaction are done through Paypal, one can just open a case.
I guess they will block that person from entering any GBs after that, but still there are options to get your money back.
Also as far as i remeber they have an option to have an insurance on your package for an additional cost. I was always wondering who the hell pays extra for this, but now i see why.
Too bad they have a monopoly on HDZeta, WCL, Mlife and UHD Club. It actually seems like CM is also now hosting GBs only through them and some Italian Facebook groups. It would be painful to miss those gorgeous releases...