The Goonies - 35th Anniversary (4K+2D Blu-ray SteelBook) (Cine-Museum Exclusive #?) [Italy]


Yo honey-dips, summertime, fine Jheri drippin'
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Jun 4, 2013
with the Rocky Anthology set (which came with a quite excellent book :thumbs: ), it was the gold metal boxing glove necklace Rocky wears that Burgess Meredith gave him (that was nice); with First Man, it was his daughter's bracelet; with single edition of Halloween (2018), it was a local newspaper.
ohhh maybe it will be the map or a piece of treasure then. The key thing or something (on the back of the steel)
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Mar 28, 2014

Is that good dear American friends? I heard FedEx often do shitty service xD
When shipped with regular air mail as we were before Covid-19, retailers were custom friendly and we would save on not being hit by custom charges. With using express services like DHL, FedEx and UPS they don’t have a choice but to declare full value(amount on invoice) and unfortunately we have to pay more(from my recent experiences)

I never paid custom charges when they were sent regular air mail(even EMS from their regular postal service ie: Korea Post, HK Post, Czech Post...), but now retailer using those services my 2 last orders(from a different retailer) I had to pay relatively high custom charges :dead:
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Mar 9, 2016
The Netherlands
It really does not happen often but I just have to look at the slips every time I visit the site. This/these is/are going to be my personal grail(s) for 2020 :drool:


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Nov 6, 2017
Americans get to pay up to $300 before you're liable for customs charges though....

Try €22 for Ireland. You guys have it good every way.
If I’m not mistaking, all orders below value of $2500 are going through without being taxed at customs, given it’s for personal use.
I had multiple orders above $300 value and never been charged with an import tax.


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Nov 6, 2017
I believe it's actually $800.
Not sure, maybe you’re right.
“Formal” entry for shipments though start above $2500.
I don’t believe I’ve ever had any orders above $800, so can’t speak from experience here.
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