The Hangover - Hilarious Trailer

Jan 30, 2009
edited it so you could go straight to the cant embed videos on this site lol

Plus the film looks sweet, cheers for letting me know :D
Go and see it at the cinema looks so funny :scat:

He cant, see .. the Puerto Rican side in him says "Oh go see it, you know you will like it and your stimulating the US economy which in turn stimulates the Puerto Rican economy!"

But the Mexican in him says ... "QUE! Chu' best not go spend 3/4 the price of the blu-ray on seeing it en la cine only to turn around and then buy the blu ... Shiiit, chu' gonn' loco homes! Hell, you coulda just bought the BLU! por favor believe it!"

Its the vicious cycle of having two contrasting nationalities :cool:

But your more than welcome to ride the bloody trolly by Big Ben into downtown London and grab yourself some fish and chips from a jolly old chap who overcharged you double the quid and see the flick yourself! :p