The Hulk (Horizontal Blu-ray SteelBook)[Germany]


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Apr 12, 2009
Creating separate threads for these. Thanks apsmith21 for posting general news for these earlier.


Now available from


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Haha well it may look better in person, I like the grabbing effect. I think where I got confused was that I was thinking this was the Edward Norton version. Thus I thought the hulk looked lame. If its the first Hulk movie (well, not the Original orginal but you know what I mean) then I guess it looks spot on.

hi justintime2k,

Living in UK and buying from (germany)- do you know if taxes/duties (other than shipping fee) are charged once it arrives in UK territory?

i'm just curious because I have a friend who lives in UK and she will be coming to my country (Brazil) next month so I'd like to buy some Steels from that I don't find in Amazon UK.... :)
... so i'm not sure if all UE community is commercial things free fee.