The Joker - Premium Format Figure (Sideshow Collectibles)

Funny this is announced the same day you've received your 1/4 HT.

IMO, you're better with your HT as the likeness on the face here is a let down.
I like this one, but only after seeing the clapping hands exclusive pose.

But yeah I'll likely skip cause I presume i could create that same pose with the figure should i want to. But im a sucker for statues instead. I passed on the last joker which i liked a lot of but despised that stupid holding up joker card pose and this one isnt perfect either. What was attractive is a perfect spot on top of my detolf for it. But i have to draw the line much more nowadays. I think ill likely hold out until a 1/4 ledger in that grimacing standing pose from the BDs. one my favs.