The Legend of Korra: Ruins of the Empire Library Edition [Dark Horse]


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The New Library Edition Comes Just in Time for the 15-Year Anniversary of Avatar: The Last Airbender

Written by series co-creator Michael Dante DiMartino and drawn by Michelle Wong (Goosebumps: Download and Die), with consultation by co-creator Bryan Konietzko and animated series writer Tim Hedrick, The Legend of Korra: Ruins of the Empire Library Edition collects the three-volume series in an oversized hardcover with a brand-new sketchbook section, including artist commentary!

On the eve of its first elections, the Earth Kingdom’s future is endangered by its past. As former Earth Empire leader Kuvira works to reclaim her honor, the devious commander Guan undermines the peace Avatar Korra has established to take power for himself. Korra and Kuvira must learn to work together to ensure the future of the Earth Kingdom.

The Legend of Korra: Ruins of the Empire Library Edition hits comic shops September 9, 2020, and will be available in bookstores September 22, 2020. This 240-page hardcover will retail for $39.99 and is available for pre-order on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and at your local comic shop.

Praise for The Legend of Korra: Ruins of the Empire:

“Beyond the political commentary, Ruins of the Empire offers some great animation, such as including female soldiers in the Earth Empire’s ranks. As a foil for Avatar Korra, Kuvira has been one of the most interesting villains in the Avatar world.”–Geek Girl Authority

“Korra carries that frustration of dealing with a shifting and changing world. On one hand, she represents history, and on the other hand, she needs to find herself separate from that history. In many ways, it’s made her a difficult character for other characters to deal with, but what’s come from that, the person we see in this new storyline, is one of maturity and strength, confidence and love.”–Fanbase Press