The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (4K+2D Blu-ray SteelBook) (Blufans Exclusive #102) [China]

Jan 30, 2013
FFO, Germany
Release date: August 2024 (TBC)
Group buy: hosted by Wreck

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Relatively new. I asked when man of steel was announced. The intention was then for all releases to be 2k or less, onwards.

well have to say thats quite sad news tbh, blu fans usually have much bettering following than that unless blufans feel there not sure they can sell 4000 anymore and more arse covering numbers.
either way its not good :thumbs:
The GB on 'the other forum' was sold out and closed before I got a notification (it comes once at 10AM).
I think as a non VIP, we've got zero chance of getting hold of these. I'm keeping my expectations low.
I have an idea - Wreck should do it as always, full payment right away. That'll deter at least some buyers. :naughty:

In other GBs it's all 'partial payment', 'payment due later', 'once a month', blah-blah, etc.
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As a VIP on the other site we was allowed to order the OCs and the DLs together with the option to cancel one set or both because the VIP GB was before the beauty shots. I’ve already cancelled 3 OCs after the public GB yesterday so there might be others who have done the same since the full artwork reveals meaning there might be some extra stock. Might not make a difference between all the GBs but just saying there’s one extra set of OC’s out there in the steelbook realm