The Matrix (4K+Blu-ray) (Leather Edition) (UHD Club Exclusive UC#05) [China]


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No it doesnt. Even if it was $60 shipped it'd still be on the high side for what is included. The price is more or less a reflection of the exclusiveness. but that could be said about a lot of premium retailers.
I'm one of the biggest Matrix fans, my all-time favorite movie and I can't bring myself to spend my money on this. It looks nice but content doesn't justify the asking price.
Sep 11, 2011
it doesn't actually bring anything new to the table. In fact some of the best editions were the dvd ones pre-blu-ray and the best blu-ray edition was the Nebudchanezzer version from Japan. I actually had one before I sold it for an hefty profit so I could by a Piano for my boy. As much as I loved it it did help me fund a great investment.
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Thanks for the photos buddy! I've uploaded them directly to your post for you, but we only allow 10 attachments per post, so I've posted the others below. :)

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