The Matrix Resurrections (4K+2D Blu-ray SteelBook) (Manta Lab Exclusive No. ?) [Hong Kong]


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I really hope this is good. First movie was great. The 2nd movie seemed good, but whatever interesting places I thought it was going were let down by the 3rd. Nevertheless, I’m going to this (2x if they actually had the audacity to release a red pill and a blue pill cut)

Got high expectations. Will be watching the first 3 back to back as a warm-up ha...

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December 2 was even better.


And February 22 this year will be 2-22-22 (or 22-2-22). And it's a Tuesday. :)
Too bad there isn't another apocalypse movie, like 2012, out on that date.

Also, sorry, couldn't help myself with the classic Soviet 'meme' regarding this.

Whoever hasn't seen the movie, not sure how good the subtitles overall are, but the entire two-part movie is there.