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Feb 12, 2012
Release date: May 23rd, 2016
Purchase link: The Mist
Price: £14.99
Notes: Limited to 2,000 copies.



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This movie was so insanely ridiculous that it actually becomes like a comedy. It's barely even watchable unless you're willing to have some fun with it.
I swear on my life that every character was instructed to always do the absolute dumbest possible thing at every opportunity that they had.

The problem with that kind of directing/storyline is that it quickly comes to the point where you say this every time someone dies "uh... yep, he deserved it".

More than any ending in the history of all cinema, this ending literally makes you wants to peck your own eyes out after the scene with the family in the car.

Needless to say... I will not be adding this steelbook to my collection.
I hope it's Pop Art so my money saved! lol

Don't even go there! Seriously, if it's some pop-art shite zavvi are going to pay :mad:. There is some great poster art for this already, no need to come up with something else.

This is why I've always tried to get my negative feedback heard - even on films I don't even like that much. So that when something comes along that I REALLY need them to get right it may just sway them to ensure top notch art. Of course that requires them a) to give a damn, and b) to actually bother reading forums like this. Both of which I doubt...