Mediabook The Monster Squad (Blu-ray Mediabooks) (Cine-Museum Exclusive - CMC#03) [Italy]


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Release date: January 2021 (TBC)
Purchase links: One Click - Variant A - Variant B - Variant C
Price: €104.99 (One Click) - €36.99 (Variant A - B) - €39.99 (Variant C)
Notes: Each Variant includes bonus extras DVD disc.
Variant A and B limited to 500
Variant C limited to 250

TheMonsterSquad-Combo2_1024x1024.jpg MonsterSquad-VariantA_Dischi_Artisti_copia_1024x1024.jpg MonsterSquad-VariantBHD_Artisti_copia_1024x1024.jpg 151887185_2166192960178190_6278188287850837214_o.jpg

TheMonsterSquad-Combo_1024x1024.jpg MonsterSquad-VariantA_Dischi_Artisti_copia_1024x1024.jpg MonsterSquad-VariantBHD_Artisti_copia_1024x1024.jpg MonsterSquad-VariantC_Dischi_Artista_Finale_1024x1024.jpg
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Monster School - CMC #03
Dear Colleizonist friends,
Today we update you on the processing status of the third CULT line title.
As you may have noticed production times have stretched from the announced date and for this reason we're sorry, but this time was necessary to fix some issues with licenses and artworks.
As you will notice from the presentation banner, a front artwork change was necessary for Variant C compared to the proposed preorder stage.
Although the new verisone exclusively made by Reine Rosenberg is objectively more beautiful, we apologize for not being able to guarantee the product as per preorder. The management and creation of collector editions with exclusive artwork, unfortunately an exact science doesn't come to an exact science and it can happen that an artwork finds itself protected by a contract that prevents sublicence from being granted after selecting it.
We're certain that the new proposal won't penalize anyone who chose One-Click or Variant C verisoni, but will be guaranteed to anyone who wanted, the option to change the order or cancel it.
Now the most delicate issue.
During the very last preprint preparatory phase, checks and checks of rights and concessions have become necessary, something not rare in this market but in our case a company that consider us competitors to be especially engaged, although our product concerns a distribution on the Italian territory.
These checks that compete with those who own the Italian distribution rights and not with CM that deals with the sale, took time when we necessarily had to pause production.
But let's come to the good news:
The headline is ready to go to press and release times will be communicated precisely shortly unless further external disturbance interventions.
We can't wait to send your copies and thank you once again for your patience.
It's very complex for a small distributor like CM, comparing with the distribution market that knows how to be merciless and doesn't save even a few low hits!
Our will is always to ensure customers and collectors have the best final quality even when more work and sacrifice is required than expected!
Happy Week-End everyone!

TheMonsterSquad-Combo2_1024x1024.jpg MonsterSquad-VariantA_Dischi_Artisti_copia_1024x1024.jpg MonsterSquad-VariantBHD_Artisti_copia_1024x1024.jpg TheMonsterSquad-VariantC_0f9f3d39-2478-4041-a55c-a2f70ad79d4c_1024x1024.jpg
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Jul 1, 2013
Berlin, Germany
FYI: According to Wicked Vision (they did the German release) this is a bootleg!

Die FROM BEYOND von CineMuseum ist nicht legal. Weder das Bonusmaterial wurde lizensiert noch der Titel von MGM. Das selbe auch mit MONSTER BUSTERS. Der Chef beruft sich auf Spindelware und ignoriert alles. [Translation: The FROM BEYOND release from CineMuseum is not legal. Neither the bonus features were licensed nor the title at MGM. The same is for MONSTER BUSTERS. The label chief refers to 'pre-produced unused discs' and ignores everything else.]