The "OMG the price is high on Ebay, etc!!!" thread

What is your spending limit for Steelbooks?

  • I plead the 5th!

    Votes: 14 2.6%
  • Under $100 for sealed "Rare" Steelbook

    Votes: 145 26.7%
  • Under $50 for any Steelbook

    Votes: 139 25.6%
  • Over $100 for sealed, "Rare" Steelbook

    Votes: 71 13.1%
  • I'll spend ANY amount to get a missing Steelbook for my collection!

    Votes: 26 4.8%
  • It depends on the Steelbook-I decide at the time of purchase

    Votes: 199 36.6%

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Apr 12, 2009
So, we have the "Fake" and "Steelbook Price Drop" thread, but we don't yet have the thread where you post listings with "crazy" prices for Steelbooks. If you see any, post them here and have fun debating. As per forum rules, please remain respectful with each other-one person's "high price", could be another's "deal of a lifetime" score. Enjoy! :scat:

Please keep discussion to Ebay and other retailers, not private sellers. steelbooks steelbooks UK
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Oct 3, 2010

I find it pretty pathetic when people try to act like a #001 is somehow worth 10 times the going rate for any other number. This is not even a high demand title. In fact its very low demand and goes for less than cost most of the time. He also has multiple usernames and I have over 5 of them blocked on my account.

Its not like its hard to get a #001 steelbook either. All you have to do is commit to purchasing a large amount of titles over and over and you will get it everytime. #001 doesnt mean hardly anything anymore compared to a few years ago.

Here is a lenticular of this edition I sold last month with the #0004 just to give an idea of the demand for a low number
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Mar 9, 2016
The Netherlands
Here is a lenticular of this edition I sold last month with the #0004 just to give an idea of demand for a low number
Its not even sealed. Its used. LOL. I have a new one cheaper.
You're a seller on the bay too, we get it....
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