The Pixar Collection (Blu-ray SteelBooks) (Zavvi Exclusive) [UK]


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Apr 12, 2009
This thread is for the titles that have been released to date.

For a poll to share your thoughts on future releases (2015 and on) , please click here

Limited edition are limited to 4K-5K.

The Pixar Collection link

#13: Ratatouille (May 18th, 2015) - Buy
#12: Wall·e (May 18th, 2015) - Buy (sold-out)
#11: A Bug's Life (May 11th, 2015) - Buy (sold-out)
#10: The Incredibles (May 4th, 2015) - Buy (sold-out)
#09: Brave 3D (April 7th, 2014) - Buy (sold-out)
#08: Cars 3D (March 10th, 2014) - Buy (sold-out)
#7: Up 3D (March 10th, 2014) - Buy (sold-out)
#06: Monsters Inc 3D (February 17, 2014) - Buy (sold-out)
#05: Toy Story 3 (January 20th, 2014) - Buy (sold-out)
#04: Toy Story 2 (January 20th, 2014) - Buy (sold-out)
#03: Toy Story (January 20th, 2014) - Buy (sold-out)
#02: Monsters University (November 25th, 2013) - Buy (sold-out)
#01: Finding Nemo (June 3rd, 2013) - Buy (sold-out)

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Jun 5, 2013
Guildford, England
Wow Zavvi really are going for it with the steelbooks! could be interesting! im guessing all the pixar films seperately which is great. but can't see them being cheap and therefore i can see myself being very broke... hopefully will be some good artwork and not bland copies of old steelbooks/amaray finishes


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Apr 23, 2012
Skipton, UK
Looks like I won't be going for Blufans/Kimchi exclusives then!

Would rather pay the extra for Blufans/Kimchi, at least you know that you are getting quality, I have no idea in what state my next Zavvi release will arrive, it seems to be pot luck, will it be damaged or will it not :angry: It's great news that Zavvi are releasing Pixar, but you need to sort out all the problems first before, I dare order anything else!!


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Aug 6, 2012
im happy with my german pixar collection, hoping for more disney classics but a bit dissapointed that all jumping on the disney train (zavvi, kimchi, blufans etc) and we still have no studio ghibli movies :(
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Dec 13, 2011
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you need to sort out all the problems first before, I dare order anything else!!

This ^.

Hard to get excited about anything from Zavvi when their returns process remains so obstructive, lengthy and difficult to navigate. It's not enough to produce desirable steelbooks, you need to provide a high level of customer service to go with them. And they're still woefully lacking in that regard.