4K-UK The Seventh Seal (1957) (4K+ Blu-ray) [UK]


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Mar 25, 2013
Release date: October 18, 2021
Purchase links: BFI Shop - Deff - HMV - Amazon UK
Price: £19.99 (BFI - HMV) - £20.49 (Deff) - £20.66 (Amazon)
Note: Please note that our distribution rights mean that this release is only available to customers in the UK (and related territories). BFI shop charges £2.50 shipping fee.

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Sep 19, 2012
Interesting they are also doing Invasion of the Body Snatchers but only on blu-ray. I would have thought a 4k release would have been a must....


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Beware Deff has outrageous shipping prices if your delivery address is based outside UK

EU delivery address you also still subject to postal carier/courier looking for EU vat been paid + handling fee for collection of Vat when doing delivery and that's on top of item+postage
If you based in Rep of Ireland for example the price+shipping would be £34.03/€40.15 and that's before been hit by customs for EU Vat payment

European Delivery
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Other countries outside EU the cost+ shipping will be even higher

Why recently has Deff purchase links been added to some thread listings
Deff are ripping off customers based in EU with their shipping prices

I will not add any Deff links to any thread until they fix their outrageous shipping prices especially in regards to EU delivery address

Deff also should be registering for a EU vat ID in a EU country and use the new one stop system IOSS for customers based in EU and be using local postal carrier/courier that has normal shipping prices in UK to ship to EU