The Shining - 40th Anniversary (4K+2D Blu-ray Box Set) [UK]

Devoid Of Truth

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Jul 15, 2018
Release date: May 18, 2020
Purchase link: Zavvi - Amazon
Price: £34.99


  • 4K UHD Extended Cut
  • Blu-ray Extended and Theatrical Cuts
  • Exclusive Booklet
  • Letter from Stanley Kubrick to Saul Bass
  • Saul Bass Early Design Illustrations
  • Behind-the-Scenes Imagery
  • Replica Theatrical Poster
Special Features:
  • Commentary by Steadicam Inventor/Operator Garrett Brown and Historian John Baxer (on 4K and Blu-ray)
  • Vivian Kubrick's Documentary The Making of The Shining with Optional Commentary 3 Mesmerizing Featurettes: View from the Overlook: Crafting The Shining, The Visions of Stanley Kubrick and Wendy Carlos, Composer
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extremely limited stock remaining!
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Jul 6, 2016
thanks for the pics, @paulboland. :thumbs: i think it looks like a nice set, and i prefer this presentation of the 'all work and no play' text.

i have more of an issue with all of the recent editions of this, showing Jack on the cover with an axe. i know everyone knows that happens in the film, but for me it's like putting a picture of Brody lining up his final shot in Jaws on the cover for that film, or the cover artworks for Close Encounters which showed the spaceship. edit: i just don't like it when they put the end of a film on the cover.
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