The SteelBook™ Group Buy Request / Discussion Thread


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Aug 6, 2010
Would you like a member to host a group buy? Is there something that you think might be interesting to other members as well?

Can you all save on shipping? Or get some other type of discount?

Group buy hosts and members - use this thread to see if there is interest in the title(s) you are looking for.
Any further thoughts? You're my only hope other than the wild west of eBay.
I ordered via best buy site to send to a shipping forwarder but best buy canned my order.
I have 1 to 9 from bestbuy, so need to continue my best buy collection.

You are the only one to ask thus far, usually I like to have 3-4 members for a mini group buy.
I would love to get a copy of Deadstream steelbook, out this week, that's exclusive to Walmart. There currently isn't a page for this over on the steelbook forum, so maybe some may not be aware of this release and would like a copy too.

Walmart Link

A great film with good scares and comedy.