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‘Aquaman’ Spinoff Movie to Dive into Horror with ‘The Trench’
Source: Collider

As THR reports, Warner Bros. is in the process of developing The Trench, a “horror-tinged” spinoff movie that would delve into the title territory that shares its name with the creatures that inhabit it. For folks who have seen the movie (and that really should be everyone at this point, it’s fantastic in every sense of the word), you’ll know that the battle between Arthur Curry and Mera and the deep-sea creatures is easily the most harrowing sequence in the film. It’s a fun bit of dark mythology that left fans wanting to see more, and that’s exactly what the studio now has in mind. They’ve already hired a pair of up-and-coming scribes, Noah Gardner and Aidan Fitzgerald, to write the horror script with Wan and Peter Safran producing.

The relatively modestly budgeted spinoff, which won’t feature the main cast of Aquaman (at least not in any significant way), aims to expand on the story of The Trench, a tribe of sea-dwellers who survived the destruction of Atlantis only to be thrown into the deep, dark Marianas Trench. There, evolutionary pressures forced The Trench to diverge from the humanoid Atlanteans and into the monstrous creations we saw in Aquaman.


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May 15, 2014
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It's funny, because me and friend friend were just talking about Prodigy a few days ago and we were talking about how WB should focus on making horror DC/superhero films. And now this gets announced. What would make it even more interesting is if James Wan could direct this. But yea, I'm hyped. :thumbs:
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