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Based on Robert Kirkman’s groundbreaking comic book series, The Walking Dead is a five part episodic Adventure Horror game that will be available for digital download this spring for all major gaming platforms.

Telling the story of a new group of survivors as they struggle to flee the horror of Atlanta and the surrounding communities consumed by the undead, The Walking Dead offers players the chance to experience the very first days of the apocalypse.

Dan Connors, Telltale co-founder and CEO said:​
Telltale has always believed in sharing and interacting with our fans as much as possible as we head towards the launch of a game and Playing Dead is an exciting evolution of that process. I don’t think any other developer or publisher has created anything quite like this before and we really hope that people will enjoy it.

Robert Kirkman, creator of The Walking Dead added:​
What’s really exciting is that they’re telling a new story with new characters, so you’ll get to see the same world Rick Grimes did, but now from a different point of view

Here's a teaser trailer for the game...



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This season has been a letdown.I think it's time to put the walking dead games out the pasture.


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Telltale Games released a “Summer 2017 Update” video highlighting several of the studio’s upcoming projects, which will encompass three titles – Batman: The Enemy Within (a follow-up to last year’s Batman: The Telltale Series), The Walking Dead: The Final Season, and a second season of The Wolf Among Us.