The Walking Dead: The Complete Third Season (Limited Edition) [USA/CA/UK/FR]

Aug 29, 2011
RELEASE DATE: Aug. 27, 2013 [USA/CA] / Sept. 30, 2013 [UK; Amazon Exclusive] / TBA [FR]

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$74.99 here

"Anchor Bay Entertainment, McFarlane Toys and AMC unveiled the design of The Walking Dead Season 3 Limited Edition Blu-Ray Set. The set features a replica of The Governor's walker head aquariums seen earlier in Season 3. As an added interactive bonus, the aquariums can actually be filled with water and come with five walker heads that can be arranged in any order. Plus, the aquariums light up. The Walking Dead Season 3 Limited Edition Blu-Ray Set will be available through most mass retail stores later this year."
Amazing!! :drool:


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Jason Bourne

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The Amazing set from season 2 and now this! Amazing sets I tell yah. I shy away from buying these big sets as I just dont have the display space and its a shame to just put them in a closet somewhere.