The Wanderers (Blu-ray FuturePak) [Germany]

Oct 9, 2019
Release date: TBA
Purchase link: Medienversand
Price: €19.99

I don´t like the Inked Pictures-label that much, but I think this looks awesome and comes with the Preview Cut.
Weird. Their site has a list of prices for cost of shipping (including a price for shipping to the U.S.) - but when you try to order, there is no option to choose U.S. as a destination.
Really nice :wow: :thumbs:
Its been some years since I've seen this film, wouldn't mind owning this :thumbs::D
I received these 2 yesterday. i made a deal with a guy from austria last year. I had already had a previous deal with him aand everything was oke. I made the payment but did receive anything. I send him several mails (on german website ) but nothing. as I arranged payment with paypal as friends I could not get a refund with paypal. Suddenly 2 weeks ago he mailed me again: he appologized he moved and he did not check the german site and with all the arraging of the move. He would ship asap. So there are still honest people, that is nice , just keep the faith.:whistle:.yesterdayu I checked the blu ray disc, but unfortunately it was only dolby digital 2.0 , common ,what a dissappointment . there was even still a video version of the movie (yes , an actual filled with grain VHS video version on the disc OMG
and then they wonder why blu ray sales are not that good.
this film was really a guilty pleasure of mine and I love the movie and the soundtrack I would have expected at least a 5.1 audio track

too bad


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To be fair- it would cost $$ to do a new mix on a relatively obscure picture.
And, in essence you are getting the OG version. It was always meant to be 2 track stereo.
My complaints are when they release on older film with ONLY a new surround mix, and don't include the original mix.