Thief 4 Announced

Jan 29, 2009
Eidos-Montreal has confirmed to IncGamers that the second game it's developing is indeed a new entry in the Thief series.

As has been heavily rumoured for what seems like forever, Eidos-Montreal's second long-standing project, along with a third Deus Ex game, is a fourth Thief game.

This was originally teased over a year ago, with mentions that Eidos was looking to revive “successful” franchises, and since then things have become more and more cryptic. We've been told the title began with a T, we've seen a logo that looked suspiciously like the Thief logo, and we've heard that it places in a number of specific games lists on websites.

Now, as expected, we've learned that the title is indeed a fourth Thief game, currently under the working title of Thi4f. As you may have noticed (thanks to jtr7 for bringing this to our attention) Eidos recently registered a number of domains, including, all of which point towards

We'll be bringing you more details as the day goes on.

Only confirmed for far

The Thief franchise got its start on the PC and saw most of its success there, although the third Thief title also ended up on the original Xbox. And while it seems likely that a PC version of Thief 4 is in the works, the fledgling title's console future is a bit hazier.

"As for platforms and consoles, things are moving so fast. There's some contradictory noise on when there's going to be the next generation, so we're going to be prudent on that one," said D'Astous. "So we're going to wait a couple of months to announce more about that. It's going to be cutting edge technology, that's for sure. It would be imprudent for us to say which console because, first of all, we don't know exactly the window of release and we don't know the first-party strategy.