Slipcover Thor: Tales of Asgard (BD+DVD+Digital HD) [USA]


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Oct 26, 2011
Chicago, USA
Thor: Tales of Asgard (BD+DVD+Digital HD)
Release: 10/10/2017
Price: $9.69

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They stopped doing it. There was a Cap and Iron Man feature that was never released in blu-ray.

That's right. I think Iron Man/Hulk was the last one released physically and that was absolutely awful. That was their problem... their animated films were mostly bad. This one, Hulk Vs., and Ultimate Avengers were pretty much the only ones that I liked enough to watch more than once. And then once they went all-CGI, meh... I had zero interest. DC's killing it with their animated features. This is one time Marvel should've copied them.
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