Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (Blu-ray SteelBook) (Plain Archive Exclusive No.18) [Korea]

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Mar 21, 2013
South Korea
Release date: July 4, 2016
Purchase links:
Quadruple Pack (+Bonus : Collector's Kit)
Triple Pack (+Bonus : Collector's Kit)
Type A version (400 copies only for International Customers)
Type B version (300 copies only for International Customers)
Type C version (350 copies only for International Customers)
1/4 Slip cover version (130 copies only for international customers)
Price: $132.49 | $99.99 | $34.89 | $33.89 * Discounted Price during 1st 24 hours
Notes: Steelbook & Package Design by Krzysztof Domarazdki, Jonathan Burton - Steelbook Made in Denmark
TTSS Collector's Kit is only for Triple pack gift - 4x PA's exclusive illust post cards(Size : 210x148mm), 10x Character's cards, 1x A3 original poster, 2x Stickers.

Type A | Type B | Type C

13320010_887456128065537_3063704767944683256_n.jpg 13332754_887456131398870_1437696103778208022_n.jpg 13315474_887456134732203_4202915624629687381_n.jpg


1/4 Slip version - 500 Limited print run
13308665_888725444605272_9154495334971063732_o.jpg 13350542_888725451271938_6863087517276134086_o.jpg


TTSS Collector's Kit



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I seemed to remember mentioning PA to take on this title... Couldn't wait to see the rest of the package (I believe there won't be much competition while we're ordering lol...)
I absolutely love this film and I still feel like it was genuinely under-rated, so this is great news! I'm pretty sure I remember Plain stating a while ago that this would not be getting a steelbook release but rather just a keepcase, (It was either in a FB comment or in reply to someones tweet I think) so its interesting to see that they changed their mind have decided to opt for a steelbook. I'm presuming we'll still get the standard keep case edition too with this getting one of the 2 slip designs we have seen and the amaray the other, we'll have to wait for a future update on that I suppose

I must admit though, and I know people may be getting irritated at hearing this, but I really don't know how I feel about the artwork by Jonathan Burton that's been used for the steel itself. I think his style really works for The Act of Killing slip that Plain have shown off, but here I just don't think it suits the theme of Tinker Tailor at all. It's just in my honest opinion however and it would be cool to know what others here think of it. I know krzysztof domaradzki produced the illustrations that we have seen on the slip designs so I wonder why he wasn't chosen to do the steelbook? It could grow on me and I'm really hoping it does, I do love that debosssed title, but I think I'll have to see some more pictures to make up my mind on this one.
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Steel looks good! Hopefully the slip will use similar style art. I really need to rewatch this film... it literally bored me to sleep the first time. :sleep:
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bored me to sleep multiple times too. (sad to say)
I'm hoping it's a film that will follow in the footsteps of ones like A Space Odyssey, The Master, Taxi Driver etc for me... they're all films that bored me to sleep when I first saw them, then after rewatching them years later I loved 'em!
More money saved. This overhyped movie is so excruciatingly slow. Regret wasting the time I spent watching it the first time!
Lately PA has been my wallet's best friend ;):thumbs:
Decent movie, but looking forward to more awesome releases from FA so probably pass on this.