Titanic - 25th Anniversary (4K + Blu-ray + Digital) (Collectors Edition Deluxe Set) [USA]


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Sep 10, 2012
Release date: December 5, 2023
Purchase links: Amazon - Best Buy
Price: $134.99
Notes: UHD Film - Blu-ray disc is extras only



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The LCE BD Boxset from 11 years ago had better printed materials - a whole full-size 8 page 1912 newspaper, a reproduction of the cruise line booklet, another unfolding booklet about the ship, art cards, and those 2nd and 3rd class menus.
Didn't have these made up notes, and Sheet music for the song... and blueprint.
If the hardcover book is all different, then it's worthy of a purchase, otherwise I'll just get the discs...

Special Features and Technical Specs:
  • NEW Titanic: Stories From The Heart - Director James Cameron, producer Jon Landau and star Kate Winslet share memories and favorite moments, and recount the challenges of making the greatest love story in cinema history. Go back in time with film clips, photos and behind-the-scenes moments
  • NEW Titanic - 25 Years Later with James Cameron - James Cameron explores the enduring myths and mysteries of the shipwreck, and mounts tests to see whether Jack could have fit on that raft and survived.
  • NEW Fan Poster Art (4 stills)
  • Audio commentaries
  • And a Lot More (over 15 hours of bonus content)
  • Optional English SDH, Spanish, and French subtitles for the main feature
Amazon price will likely drop before release date

They often start off new listings at MSRP and then a few weeks later list lower price before release date

They will price match either Walmart or Best Buy or Target
I have not seen it go out of stock yet since going live to order as I was checking price daily

I checked on Sunday when you posted in thread it was still available to order
If you are based in UK that is why it will list as Temporarily out of stock on Amazon USA
UK delivery address you will have to use Amazon UK it will be available to order after USA release date on Amazon UK (Amazon USA Global Shop Listing)

Amazon USA website a delivery address in lot of other countries it's always been still available to order since going live

Amazon price also as expected would happen has dropped to $134.99 same as Best Buy
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So printed materials are definitely worse, than previous 10 year old Boxset, but the hardcover art book is different, so will have to get it.
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